Lin Journal - Crypt of Blightning

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Crypt of Blightning
This is it! Finally everything has fallen into place leading up to this moment. We made final preparations as we departed the Greff Stronghold about 50 strong, my party members and a compliment of Greff warriors. When we reached the edge of the swamp in which Blightning’s crypt was located, a large statue holding a magic sign caught our attention. Apparently the sign always reports the number of living creatures within the swamp, an absolutely strange thing to have sitting around. Before we entered ourselves, we noticed the sign reported 3 living creatures. As we marched into the swamp these numbers kept rising.

Pushing on, we reached the gate into a large graveyard with a number of buildings and tons of shallow graves. No doubt an army of skeletons awaited us within this gate. We pushed our numbers into the graveyard and as we did, the army I anticipated rose up around us composed of zombies and skeletons. It was a glorious battle with our side being victorious eventually. We sustained heavy losses within the Greff though none of my own group did fall. We asked what remaining Greff there were to guard the entrances as we looked around inside.

Some of the buildings, little more then mausoleums, contained a few more powerful undead we returned to the dead easily and discovered two such buildings had stairs leading down. We opted to take the stairs in the bigger building and began our inevitable long battle downward.

We fought through all sorts of undead and were granted a short moment of peace when we happened upon a non aggressive ghost that was trapped here and had witnessed the horrors that Blightning had brought to this place. He offered us what little information he could remember about the place before moving on.

Through countless more battles with different vile undead creatures we did finally arrive in the summoning room of Blightning. He was of course with backup, a pair of mind flayers that had recognized his power as an opportunity to further their own cause. Blightning cursed us as we entered saying that we had caused him more trouble then he could ever have imagined and was going to correct the problem right now.

This final battle was hard because we had exerted so much of our resources just to get this far. We eventually took care of the mind flayers and were left with Blightning who seemed to meld through the stone out of our reach into other rooms. Eventually we were able to catch him and put an end to this reign once and for all. I took a vial of his blood for a memento and we helped ourselves to his magic items.

Finally we had found and stopped him. We could rest again. We casually made our way back to Swiftcreek to celebrate.

Lin Journal - Crypt of Blightning

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