Lin Journal - Caravan Job

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Caravan Job
Having essentially caused more trouble then we could shake a stick at in that town, we left before the heat got to high; we ran into more guards that wanted to ‘retire’ early. It occurred to Tomas and I that we could freelance acquiring items for people using less then legal practices. Taking things from other people not quite so deserving of such wealth isn’t a crime, or it shouldn’t be at least. Acquisitions experts like ourselves have to eat too. And retire rich somewhere in the grand human cities or Trezna even, though Trezna is quite a strange place to live if you ask me.

An almost over the top shady gentleman named only Trevor, which I doubt is his real name approached us. He was quick to try to hire our services to liberate the contents of a caravan and return these materials to a secret cave nearby. He said directions would be given when they had the items. I think his sales pitch though was something like “Greetings. Sometimes bad fortune falls upon others. How are you about challenging fortune where much fortune is to be had. Today luck may run out for someone else. Yes?” Well he certainly has a way of describing armed robbery I’ll give him that.

Our payment was to be whatever the caravan contained save one item, an item of value to this Trevor that he said was contained within a plain pine box. We were happy to accept and soon after we set out to intercept the caravan. We got to talking a little later and decided that maybe we hadn’t been promised enough money. After all, what if the caravan didn’t have much on it. We would only get a couple meager handfuls of loot and for all the effort we were doing too. We agreed that we’d ask for an ‘appropriate’ increase in our pay or we’d just as easily keep anything we find including his requested item, whatever it be within the pine box. Obviously inside the box was something of value to this guy past what it could be sold for. I’m not above squeezing more blood from a stone when they make it this easy. Don’t tell someone you want something bad when you’ve got to pay them for it.

I have to say that the caravan was not nearly protected well enough which is fine because there was only two of us and we we’re hoping for an easy job. We were convincing enough to get the guards to surrender when we made it sound like we had a whole band of thieves surrounding the caravan. Tomas took the caravan personnel and guards over into the bushes to discuss the terms of their surrender and he came back with a very large amount of red stains on his weapons. What a shame, they didn’t even put up a fight. People are too trusting in this day and age.

We helped ourselves to what was inside the caravan. There were a number of chests filled with various coins and gems, none of which looked all that interesting. As a matter of fact, I dare say there was about 360 gps worth in coins of gold and silver, as well as some sort of potion. One thing did stand out, which was a little locked pine box. This was probably what that guy wanted from the caravan since there wasn’t anything else that remotely matched the description. Well he better pay us what we want. We worked ‘hard’ to get this. Yeah, that’s it, the fight was almost unbearable even.

After the attack on the caravan, a number of walking dead, zombies I think showed up. Rather then going to eat our brains or something, one calmly and slowly crept up to me with some sort of note. Right that’s normal. Ok fine I’ll read the note. “If you’re reading this, you have the box. Follow the zombies back to the hideout. Do not try any tricks.” Fine we’ll play this game a little longer. I just wish that zombies could walk a little faster. The smell is starting to get to me.

Arriving at the location we were led to, some sort of hidden cave fort, we were lead through some room with a large red pentagram on the floor to the guy we were hired by. The zombies stayed in the first room though. Trevor asked if we had brought the box. We ‘requested’ that our pay be increased to an appropriate amount. It seems he felt a little different on the topic and attempted to get our little prize by force. I wonder if they’ll ever get the stains off those cave floors. We casually walked out of the main meeting room, none of the other members of this organization even knowing what had happened in the other room. The zombies didn’t budge either, so perhaps they weren’t under Trevor’s control. I guess we’ll figure out another buyer for whats in this box as I slipped it into my backpack.

In hind sight, I think we were considered expendable for this job since it didn’t seem even necessary our involvement at all except that survivors of the caravan attack had we left any would have reported they got robbed by bandits instead of some undead army. Trevor and supposedly whoever he worked for made a slight miscalculation in hiring us. I’m sure we’ve not heard all the fallout from this job yet, but we will. I’m ready for a vacation already.

Lin Journal - Caravan Job

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