Lin Journal - A Cleric and a New Mission

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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A Cleric and a New Mission
We got flagged down by Jesper again. He started yapping as soon as we were in earshot. {{"Word does travel fast of your deeds in certain circles. Though I suppose not all the best of circles.“}} Thats what I’ve been saying, why is it no one is listening. {{”There is an evil at work in these lands, and I’m not talking about your friend here."}} he said pointing at me. What, just because I’m a stone cold killer I’m evil? I have standards too. If its not dead already its a potential target. It took almost all of the group holding me back from making a mess on the inn floor. Bard blood takes so much time to clean out of wood and it seeps into the cellar too.

{{"An important cleric has just arrived here in town.“}} When has any cleric ever been important unless they’re healing me. {{”He is looking for you. Right now he is at the guardhouse talking to Strongblade. I was sent to summon you for an audience with this cleric, München Holylight."}} Clerics don’t usually talk in terms I can understand, namely getting paid but the rest of my group seems to like the idea of talking with this guy to see what he has to say at least. I pushed Jesper out of the way and motioned everyone else to make haste to the guard barracks so we can get this over with.

We get there and get introduced to this Holylight guy who I immediately like a lot more then Jesper. His appearance was extrely well kept and his face was friendly and inviting. I’ll give him a couple minutes to get to his point and hopefully I won’t have to mess up his robes.

{{"Most likely in your travels, you have encountered some malicious forces such as goblin raiding parties, orcish patrols, and the likes. These as of late have seemed to be coordinated by some greater evil. We as of yet do not know who is behind this but the attacks grow bolder by the day and something must be done to stop this. We believe necromancy is behind it and so our next step is to assemble a long lost artifact of great power that is especially effective against necromancers. You all have stirred up some dust in the last few weeks, and as a result gathered the attention of some of my colleagues as well as no doubt who is behind this coordinated destruction. A group like you would make retrieving this artifact, the Scepter of Gremel, much easier. What do you say friends?"}}

I bet artifacts sell for a lot. I’m in. I asked about extra monetary compensation for our troubles. He responded saying {{"Such is the case with your people, you always demand some sort of material wealth. This was not totally unforeseen of course. We do realize who we’re working with after all. For retrieving the entire artifact and bringing it to us, we will be more then happy to pay you 20,000 in gold and gems. This will not be an easy task and naturally it will be dangerous."}} If you thought I was sold before, 20k seals it for me.

München tells us that he will have to get back to his colleagues to tell them we have accepted the job and find out where to go from here. We are in the mean time to find out from the next goblin or orc raiding party who they work for. Easy enough.

Lin Journal - A Cleric and a New Mission

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