Leroy (Unknown – Present)

A scrawny looking half-orc, Leroy is often seen wearing chain shirt armor with a ferret around his neck and a huge great axe strapped to his back.

Little is known but much has been said about this mysterious traveler. It’s said that he was once a member of a violent tribe but escaped from those violent roots to seek is fortune elsewhere. Some say he spent some time studying the magical arts of sorcery. Others say he is a barbarian brute who embraces his blood lust to kill his enemies. Most agree, however, that he is a dragon disciple with the blistering breath of dragons at his command.

=Recent Events=

On the 30th of Juke, 2329HR Leroy ran into the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon on the road near Enillos. Having nothing better to do he decided to quest with them for a time. After a few adventures he decided to return to his monastery on the 12th of Aen, leaving the Raiders behind in Enillos.

Zegaran Adventurers Guild – Gold Member in Good Standing


Lynette AzaliaElf Fighter
Xaxis SalizarHuman Cleric of Pelor


Related Locations
Dragon Disciple monastery north of Enillos in South Keshuna

Last Known Location
Enillos in South Keshuna, Keshiki


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