The leopard is a graceful cat with a long body and relatively short legs. Its color varies from buff to tawny, and its spots are rosette shaped.

Leopards prefer to leap on their prey. Leopards can spring upward 20 feet or ahead 25 feet.

Leopards are solitary, inhabiting warm deserts, forest, plains, and mountains. They hunt both day and night preying on animals up to the size of large antelopes. They swim and climb well, and will often sit in treetops sunning themselves. Leopards will also drag their prey to safety in the treetops to devour in peace. The female bears 1-3 young, and cares for them for up to two years. If found in the lair, there is a 25% chance that there will be cubs there. The young have no effective attack.

A skilled predator, the leopard is often threatened by human incursions. In areas where it is hunted this great cat is nocturnal.



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