Leomarhs are a race of planar animals apparently descended from lions or one of the other great cats. They can and do live well in uninhabited areas of other planes, although they are easily most common to the Outlands. Leomarhs are smarter than normal animals, showing an almost fiendish cunning, and are known to use ambush and hit-and-run tactics in their hunting. Leomarhs cannot be tamed, but are rarely the companions of rangers, druids, or those who have a strong affinity with animals.

Leomarhs have a hyena like slope to their bodies, resulting from having larger forequarters than hindquarters. Their bodies are covered in small scales instead of fur, and their tails are long and snakelike and have a spade-shaped blade at the end. Their manes consist of dense golden-brown fur, and they have small patches of this fur along their legs and feet.

Leomarhs strike with their large front claws and bite. They like to use tactics to hide some of their numbers with their camouflage ability, while drawing opponents to the hidden beasts who pounce when the victims are within range.

Leomarhs have a natural ability to change their coloration to match their surroundings, becoming effectively invisible. Leomarhs can only use this ability when standing still.

Leomarhs are immune to the effects of magic missile spells and effects.


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