The chief duergar god, Laduguer is lawful evil aligned. He bears the titles The Exile, the Gray Protector, Master of Crafts, the Slave Driver, the Taskmaster, and the Harsh.

Laduguer’s realm is the Hammergrim on the Thuldanin layer of Infernal Battlefield of Acheron. There, he keeps a hall called Forgegloom, its walls made of armor, shields, weapons, and other martial debris. It has no doors or windows unless Laduguer wills it. He is the leader of the Duergar Pantheon.

Laduguer appears as a tall, gaunt duergar with skin that can change between gray and brown to match the nearby rock; he is bald and perpetually frowning. He is inclined toward evil, but this is mostly turned inward, gloomy and unforgiving over what he feels is his rejection by his kin. He is supremely lawful above all else, despising the other dwarven deities for being lazy, indolent, and feckless.

The Taskmaster was once a member of the Morndinsamman. The dwarves claim he committed unspeakable crimes and was only saved from Moradin’s wrath by Berronar Truesilver. The grey dwarves, however, say he was an advocate of righteous, innovative philosophy that offended Moradin so much that he cast him out. His only ally is Grumbar, the Boss of the Earth Elementals. His list of enemies, on the other hand, is long, including Blibdoolpoolp, the Blood Queen, Callarduran Smoothhands, Diinkarazan, Diirinka, the Great Mother, Gzemnid, Ilsensine, Ilxendren, Laogzed, Maanzecorian (dead), Orcus, Psilofyr, Urdlen, the Drow Pantheon, and every member of the Dwarven Pantheon, except for Dugmaren Brightmantle.

He was briefly allied with Lolth, and from this alliance he gained the knowledge that provided his people with their giant spider mounts, the steeders. As the drow and duergar fought for resources and territory, however, the alliance shattered, and Lolth and Laduguer became foes.

Laduguer is served by ash mephits, azer, baatezu, baku, dark ones, banelar naga, bone nagas, brain moles, cerebral parasites, dark nagas, demaraxes, earth elementals, earth elemental vermin crawlers, earth grue chaggrin, earth mephits, earth weirds, fhorges, gray oozes with psionic ability, hammer golems, helmed horrors, hook spiders, intellect devourers, ironmaws, imps, incarnates of anger and pride, living steel, maelephants, meenlocks, mineral mephits, observers, razorvine, reaves, rust dragons, rust monsters, sandmen, shadowdrakes, steeders, stone wolves, sword spirits, su-monsters, tso, werebadgers, xavers, and yugoloths. He demonstrates his favor through the discovery of adamant, black sapphires, bloodstones, diamonds, hizagkuur, mithral, and silver, but does not otherwise send omens to his priests.

According to duergar legend, the time before time was chill nothingness that hungered for creation. That hunger took the form of a gray-skinned dwarf: it became Laduguer the Creator, who forged the world. Duergar theologians say that Laduguer created himself, forging his flesh from the raw desire to create. Then Laduguer populated the world with the first race, the duergar. The duergar dwelled in peace, creating beautiful things to please their god.

One prideful dwarf, however, sought to elevate himself above his fellows. Known as the Lone Craftsman, he worked in secret to create life, with the result being ugly, gangling things. These, in fact, were all the other races of the world: elves, giants, humans, kobolds, orcs, and more. The Lone Craftsman threw them from his forge in disgust, for try as he might he could not equal Laduguer’s original creation. Finally, after years of effort, he succeeded in creating a being like a duergar, but with skin of bronze and eyes like precious gems, the ancestor of the surface dwarves. Laduguer discovered this blasphemous attempt at improving on his own creation and, in punishment, afflicted the Lone Craftsman with madness so that he could never create again. Thus, the Lone Craftsman became the first of the derro.

The duergar claim that the other gods of the dwarves divided their spheres of influence among themselves, leaving nothing for Laduguer to claim. Without a place in the pantheon, Laduguer left it. The duergar were honorable and faithful and would not abandon their god, following him into exile.

Classification: God
Chief God of the Duergar.
Domains: Evil, Law, Magic, Protection
Portfolio: Artisans, Gray Dwarves, Magic, Magic Weapon Creation
Homeplane: Infernal Battlefield of Acheron
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Known Significant Temples

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