Killmoulis are diminutive fey that like to provide useful services but also commit mischief. Killmoulis always dwell in places where humans are involved in some form of industry, preferably in places where foodstuffs are handled. They make their homes under the floors, within the walls, or atop the dark rafters. They come out only when the workers are gone. Like their distant relatives the brownies, the killmoulis are torn between the benevolent performance of useful duties and a mischievous streak to perform harmless tricks. Killmoulis are tireless workers adept at performing simple tasks.

A killmoulis is about one foot in height. Although the overall shape is that of a thin humanoid, the head is immense in proportion. Killmoulis have no mouths or chins. They inhale food through their prodigious noses. Killmoulis do not speak but are apparently telepathic. They appear to be sexless.

Killmoulis are basically inoffensive beings. They lack any real ability or inclination to attack humans or other creatures. They sometimes use needles to stab dogs, cats, or rats, as these creatures eat killmoulis.

Killmoulis can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language. They rarely use this ability, but occasionally send barely noticeable telepathic messages of thanks and friendliness; the recipients generally perceive these as “warm feelings.”

They are watched over by their patron deity Caoimhin.


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