A ki-rin vaguely resembles a unicorn and are considered magical beasts. It has the body of a stag which is covered with golden scales. It has a thick mane and tail of darker gold, deep violet eyes, and a pink horn and hooves.

Ki-rins are noble creatures that roam the sky in search of good deeds to reward and malefactors to punish. Ki-rins sometimes establish lairs high in the mountains or plateaus that seem simple on the outside but have luxurious interiors. Most often they simply fly with the wind, never settling in any one place for long.

Ki-rins can cast spells like a mighty sorcerer, are telepathic, and have a number of magical abilities. They can, a few times a day, control the weather as well as shift to the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and change into a wisp of smoke.


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