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The god of death, Kelemvor is lawful evil aligned. His titles are the Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Damned, and Master of the Crystal Spire. His realm is called the Crystal Spire on the Oinos layer of the Gray Waste of Hades. His symbol is an upright, bone-colored skeletal arm holding the golden scales of justice balanced evenly in its fist against a steel-gray field. His personal weapon is called Fatal Touch, a bastard sword.

Kelemvor, a former associate of Midnight, Cyric, and Adon during the events of the Godswar, inherited the portfolio of the god of the dead when Cyric lost those responsibilities following the Cyrinishad debacle. The first official act of the newly created god of the dead was to turn Cyric’s Bone Castle into a gleaming tower of crystal, a symbol that this particular god of the dead would hide nothing from his subjects. He intends to impart justice among the dead in an even-handed and fair manner.

Kelemvor is kind, just, forthright, and earnest, though stern at times. He is not terribly clever for a power and tends to try to solve what he perceives as his immediate problems with direct action. Though he means well, he does not always see the difficulties down the road caused by short-term solutions.

Kelemvor has an unexpected ally, at least in terms of traditional godly alliances. He and Mystra, formerly the human Midnight, remain close. They were in love during their mortal lives, but whether this romance has kindled during their godly tenure is a matter they have thus far kept private.

Cyric, who lost his death portfolio to Kelemvor, is Kelemvor’s bitter enemy. Cyric views Kelemvor as someone who pointedly and maliciously set out to steal a part of Cyric’s rightful power. One traditional foe of the god of the dead, Lathander, has not declared against Kelemvor, but is waiting to see if his actions live up to his promises.

Kelemvor prefers to send a translucent image of a floating skull enfolded by a hood and surrounded by the flapping tarters of the rest of a diaphanous gray robe. This image is accompanied by the mournful whistle of winds. If necessary, a real wind can accompany this image, and a tangible skeletal arm can chill touch. The image can speak with the voice of the god, though Kelemvor prefers not to speak aloud, or it can speak directly into the minds of beings who are present. This shrouded skull can drift about and permanently disrupt all undead within 90 feet, or animate dead all corpses within the same range to command them or turn their control over to a mortal, usually one of his priests. Commands given by Kelemvor to the animated dead cannot be broken by any mortal.

Kelemvor also indicates his favor or disfavor or sends aid through the presence or actions of the demipower Jergal, pers, a few einheriar (whom he transforms into minor deaths when his senior specialty priests summon them) and watchghosts, but never any evil or corporeal undead.

Classification: Deity
God of Death
Domains: Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, and Travel
Portfolio: Death and the Dead
Homeplane: Gray Waste of Hades
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allies: Mystra and Jergal
Enemies: Cyric, Talona, and Velsharoon

Known Significant Temples

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