The number of common warriors and noble knights that can claim jousting as their profession is still small but growing. A bloody tradition from the fields of Fedonia in Lesherac, the formalized and usually non-lethal form of jousting has become all the rage in western Versat. While for some it is an excuse to hold a tournament and for others it is an outlet to settle disputes, some enterprising individuals have been able to live quite well off of the proceeds of formal tournaments and informal challenges.

Like a formalized fencing, jousting is seen under the law as a legitimate way to settle a dispute should both parties agree to it. The difference being that instead of first blood, your opponent must either give up, be knocked unconscious, or in rare circumstances, be killed. The winner of the duel is not only declared in the right but also gets to take possession of their opponents’ weapons, armor, and mount.

Formalized tournaments can be quite profitable as well. Not only do you gain your defeated foes equipment, but the winner of the tournament also receives a valuable prize in addition to the esteem of their fellows. The later does not spend that well, but can lead even better equipped foes to challenge you in the future.

Stylized image of a joust.


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