Journal of Neruna

The following was recovered from the Citadel of the Dead near Presdale. It is the account of the life and times of the lich Neruna Crythlia.

Entry 01
Within these pages I will record my journey towards that most honorable state of lichdom. After all, when I’ve achieved that power, it will be important to recall the little people I met along the way so I can grant them the greatest gift of all – undeath.

Entry 02
I found just the bodyguard I needed from the Hill People to the east of town. A nice, thick, and stupid barbarian by the name of Lothar. I think he will work out very well. Tomorrow we will head south and seek out wealth and power to help me realize my dream. I can hardly wait…

Entry 03
The last few days have been interesting. We traveled south from Presdale to Lazy Willow. We’ve actually made it to the base of the Blitzkreig Mountains now. I think we managed to get enough warm clothes and supplies from town. I’ll have to depend on Lothar a lot more than I prefer to get us over these mountains. Still, what use is a tool if you don’t use it?

Entry 04
I think the best thing about Lothar is his ability to avoid trouble. He seems to have a sixth sense when trouble draws near and the ability to find a place for us to avoid it. While this has kept us safe on our trek over the mountain, I am getting a little frustrated. Why have such eldritch powers if I never get to use them? Still, we reach the summit tomorrow- who knows what we might find over the next bend?

Entry 05
Well, we’ve finally left those accursed mountains behind. I may never be warm again! Still, it is nice to finally leave the backwater east behind. The west unfolds before us like that flower that needs to be plucked and dried, so it might reach the perfection in death that it lacked in life.

It is rather amusing to watch Lothar watching me write. I actually saw the fool scratching in the dirt with a stick last night! Poor, stupid fool has no idea what letters and words even are. I have no intention of teaching him, either- he must remain dependent on me for everything!

I think if we press hard we may just make Pinebrook by dark. Hopefully we can find some foolish muscle to help us in our quest to bring enlightenment to the world. And I’m running rather low on raw materials as well…

Entry 06
We met up with a bard named Jamie today in one of Pinebrook’s seedier taverns. She has a nice enough voice (I wonder what her wail would sound like as a banshee?) but I could see the wanderlust in her eye. Singing may earn her supper but adventuring is what really gets her off. I think I’ll speak with her in the morning and see if she would like to travel with us. Tonight a warm bed is all I’m looking forward to.

I am so glad I’m a human at times like this. My mistress Gremoira Strakeln would not be welcome here at all. It seems everyone here hates and despises any and all dwarves. Seems it has something to do with some dwarves over in Ardel or some such nonsense. Really, this just proves once again the foolishness of the living. There is no racism among the undead, they share a sisterhood that all are equal members of. Well, enough musing- time for bed.

Entry 07
What a day it has been! I spoke to Jamie this morning and she seemed interested in adventuring with us. As the sun set we headed over the Pinebrook graveyard so I could pick up some basic supplies. Oh, there was an odd undead or two, not even worth trying to dominate though. When they had been dispatched we set about harvesting what the living have no need for anymore.

I must confess my mind wandered more than once during the digging. To see Jamie covered in grave dirt like that, rummaging through body parts- oh, my. I’ve always found women most attractive when they’ve laid all the foolishness of looking sexy and feminine behind and are waist deep in hard work. It takes me back to Presdale…

I’ve not had a lover since I left my mistress Gremoira behind. We kept the affair secret as the townsfolk were just a bit too conservative to accept the love we shared. Still, Nerull blesses unions between women so that’s all that really matter. I’m not sure Jamie would be interested anyway, but I certainly am. Perhaps I can entice her with Lothar- that would be a spectacle to behold. Anyway, back to business.

With my stock replenished I’m ready to head out. Tomorrow we will live this town behind and seek our destiny on the road. Perhaps Jamie will share a room with me. Who knows where it might lead?

Entry 08
We suffered a terrible setback a few days ago. We were lucky that the townsfolk stumbled across us. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We headed out the next morning, following th main road south towards Thistlewood. Everything seemed to be going well when we ran into a band of ogres. I wasn’t too worried, with all of Jamie’s arcane might, I thought it would be a simple battle. It was not!

I guess Jamie has gotten used to traveling with powerful allies. She was almost entirely useless in the battle. Lothar did his best but he was no match for the brutes, even after raging. I did everything I could but even Nerull failed me that day. As a final gambit, I offered to service the brutes but they seemed more interested in pillage than rape. All three of us were killed.

Something must have scared the beasts off- or perhaps something more enticing tempted them away. Whatever the reason, they left our bodies relatively intact. Some townsfolk found our remains and brought them back into town. I’m not sure I will ever live down the indignity of being revived by a priest of Saint Cuthbert but it seems death wasn’t quite ready to claim me.

At this point I realized the error of my ways. I had let Jamie’s beauty dazzle me and my own lust a greed for power blind me. I’m just not ready to face the world- I’m going to need some personal, in depth, and intensive training from Gremoira before I’m ready. It may take long, hard hours of sweaty work but in the end I may be able to try adventuring again.

It was said to say goodbye to the fine piece of bard, but we parted company on good terms. It’s a long way back to Presdale but we begin today. I’ve decided to south this time and take the mine passage Narr and Durga to get back to the east. Who knows what I might be able to glean there about my mistress’ past and the hardships that forged and shaped her into who she is today?

It looks as if Lothar’s spirit has been broken by our deaths. I think he blames himself. Nothing wrong with that, it just means he’ll work twice as hard to keep me safe in the future. Sill, I think I’ll spoil him and take him to a brothel in Glacerin. He’ll like that, I guess. Perhaps I’ll indulge as well.

Entry 09
It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here and it may be a long time before I write again. Suffice it to say, after a long journey and many adventures Lothar and I made it back to Presdale. I work hard under Gremoira day and night to improve myself. Her new position as both the town healer and mortician has kept both of us quite busy. We still manage to steal away time for ourselves, though.

It may take a few more years but we both have big plans for this town. It’s been a millennia since was a citadel of the dead but were well on our way to creating one. It’s truly amazing how hard undead are willing to work and the excavation beneath Presdale is going well. The may not be the most coordinated miners, but they are hard workers. I’ll try not to work them to death.

Still, death is patient and willing to wait as long as it takes to see its designs reach fruition on this continent. It’s not much of a tribute to those brave pioneers who gave their lives during the Endless Nightmare but this citadel should be a worthy beginning.

-Neruna Crythlia, follower of Nerull

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Journal of Neruna

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