Iridescent Globe


Not much is known about the Iridescent Globe. Its last known location was within Castle Eb but Sir Igneous out of Hayfield had hired a group of adventurers to break through the defenses at Castle Eb to retrieve the globe. As far as anyone can tell, these adventurers did manage to retrieve the globe and give it to Sir Igneous.

The globe had a diameter of 1 foot and gave off a faint orange and green glow. It always feels warm to the touch but not hot. Magic items do exist that are attuned to locating the globe, but those are hard to come by and were supposedly made when the globe was created. As to what function of purpose the globe had is anyones guess.

According to rumor, the globe is said to grant wishes. The only problem is, it rarely grants your wish- more often than not, it will grant another’s wish for you.

Sir Igneous

Last Known Location
Castle Eb in the Western Versat Human Territories near Hayfield.

Iridescent Globe

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