helmed horror


These ancient constructs make most pause whenever they pass a long figure dressed in armor. Helmed horrors are animated suits of full plate armor that stands between five and seven feet tall. The armor varies from the latest design to ancient ones not seen in centuries.

The armor itself is completely empty but a magical purple radiance glows through the cracks. They usually keep their visors down, hiding their true identity as long as possible.

They usually function as tireless magical guardians, though some are created to wander. They frequently outlive their masters, reinterpreting their orders in broader and broader terms until their creator’s binding magic wears away.

Helmed horrors use crossbows for ranged attacks and greatswords for up close work. They are able to channel some of their innate magic through their weapons to bring forth mighty elemental effects.

They do not speak but most helmed horrors at least understand Common.

helmed horror

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