The hamadryad is a woodland spirit which is linked to an individual oak tree. They appear as beautiful naked elven or human women, but with deep sparkling green eyes and long green hair. They are peaceful and shy by nature, but quick-witted and polite to those they deal with. Hamadryads are attracted to comely males, on whom they will often cast a charm spell and compel them to perform a special service.

Hamadryads live only in ancient vast forests far from civilized peoples. Though they can leave the vicinity of their tree without harm, they never willingly leave the woodlands. A hamadryad lives by absorbing sunlight through her hair, and will eventually die of starvation if forced to stay inside for too long, or if her head is kept shaved.

Hamadryads speak Common, Elven, Sylvan, and the language of druids.

Though hamadryads carry knives and such, they shun physical combat in favor of using their magical abilities. Anyone attacking her tree will be subject to a mad attack from the hamadryad.

Hamadryads are in tune with their surroundings and their forest, and are safe from its dangers. Hamadryads always successfully use detect snares and pits, at will. They cannot be entangled. They can automatically identify magically created vegetation for what it is, including spells such as hallucinatory terrain or tree shape, and recognize treant and treant-controlled trees on sight. They can enter any living tree and remain there as long as they wish, even if a spellcaster is already in the tree. They are immune to any sort of summoning spell, but are aware of the summons.


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