Hachae Clan


The Hachae Clan never really fit in among the other shield dwarf clans of the Antiel Mountains in Xandain. Almost to a dwarf they were all fervent followers of Hanseath, the dwarven god of alcohol. It’s not to say that the other clans didn’t like the ales that the Hachae brewed- they usually drank up every drop the clan put up for sale. The problem was…

Well, they were almost always drunk. And getting into fights. Their barbarian members were barely civilized. They were always ready to party and never ready to work. They never wanted to put in an honest day’s work in the mines and spent all their days at their brewery. For all these reasons and more, the clan was not particularly liked in the dwarven lands of Xandain.

In late 497 BHR, the then king of the shield dwarves decided that the lone mountain to the south needed exploring. Immediately. He suggested that that Clan Hachae go explore the mountain. And by clan, he meant the entire clan. And by suggest, he kindly asked them backed up by an army of more than 10,000 heavily-armed shield dwarves. Suffice it to say Hachae agreed and began their long pilgrimage to the south.

Finally arriving in 496 BHR, their high cleric had a vision from Hanseath himself telling him that they had arrived. Even though brewing supplies were running low, they decided to winter in the cave of the great mountain. It was there that they discovered a unique type of mushroom and out of desperation decided to try brewing with it. They were amazingly successful, everyone truly felt it was the blessing of their god, and the first batch of Hachae Ale was laid down, but it would not be the last. In time, that ale became their number one export all over Materia.

They established their new kingdom and called it The Great White North . What precisely they were north of no one could say. It seems they were rather drunk when they came up with the name but decided to stick with it. With the completion of their first monestary, called Elsinore, in 492 BHR they finally had a facility to set up their brewing operations in. In time the settlement grew. Lacking, some might argue, much creativity- at least in naming- the decision to call this new town and their capital Hachae.

In time the town became fairly well organized but they were far from self-sufficient. Good trade relations with the afflicted gnomes and the southern cities of Gnomish Dementia helped the new society stock the essentials for brewing as well other non-essential supplies such as food. Some exporting of their ale occurred, but the overland roads were frozen much of the year and little of their ale made it beyond Gnomish Dementia where it was often directly bartered for supplies.

The next event of note occurred in 197 HR. There was a cataclysmic earthquake that changed Mount Hachae and its high plateau from an isolated outcropping of rock on a snowy plain into a new island.

The dwarves of Clan Hachae, who was by then known as hachae dwarves, survived the quake with no losses. Dwarven architecture seems to err on the size of overbuilt. A few of the small buildings on the surface collapsed but there were no cave-ins and only a few were even hurt. In fact, as most of the population was quite drunk, most didn’t even notice the ground leap beneath their feet. Or if they did, they figured it must be the ale singing in their veins.

While it came out of a horrible catastrophe, there were tremendous financial benefits to the fledgling nation in the long run. They lost their contacts in Gnomish Dementia since they were all under tons and tons of ocean water. The clan was in for some lean times as they rushed to reconnect with the rest of Xandain.

They sent scouts up the northwest road to Gnomish Dementia and down the southwest road that led to Frostwatch Snowcap. Upon those scouts return, they got the bad news- to roads were underwater as far as the eye could see. Additional scouts were sent out and it finally began to sink in- they were now an island!

It was decided that their only chance of survival was going to require boats. They sent two parties, one each to the ends of the roads, to establish two new towns within which some boats could be made. There never were that many trees on the island so the dwarves scavenged every plank and board they could to make a couple of small vessels. While they could barely be considered hamlets at the time, the northern city was named Beerforge and the southern city was named Rendnol after the current king of the hachae dwarves, Rendnol Alestein.

In time those small vessels made it to Lunport to the north and Coldport to the west. The dwarves had wisely brought ample funds and kegs to trade and sailed back to the new towns at the heads of two relief fleets. Much of the supplies were bought on credit but within 10 years all debt had been erased and exporting of Hachae Ale began in earnest.

Associated People
=Notable Members=
Rendnol Alesteinking of Hachae (25 HR259 HR)
Robert MacKenzie – Co-leader – Masters of the Brew
Douglas MacKenzie – Co-leader – Masters of the Brew

=Fellow Dwarven Clans=
Clan Deepdelver
Clan Minemelter
Clan Rostenoc
Clan Stoutbeard
Clan Rubybraid

Hachae Clan

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