gray ooze


The gray ooze resembles a thick, viscous puddle of gray sludge, roughly six to eight inches thick and up to fourteen feet across, and often closely resembles wet stone or an amorphous rock formation. Like most oozes, they are underground dwelling, mindless scavengers who drag themselves around caves and sewers and absorb and digest whatever they find. Unlike some other oozes, these aberrations cannot move on ceilings or walls, and hence is left to slide its way along floors.

The gray ooze attacks by striking like a snake until prey is either dead or unconscious, and it then moves on top of them to digest them from within. It is immune to cold and fire. The gray ooze’s acidic secretions corrode metal at an alarming rate, and in addition to giving the creature a method of destroying opponent’s weapons and armor, blacksmiths also sometimes use jarred gray oozes to meld ore into the right shape.

Gray oozes reproduce by breaking small droplets off of themselves after a meal, which later grow into gray oozes themselves.

gray ooze

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