The gorse are some of the smallest, and perhaps most beautiful of the faerie folk. Gorse are tiny humanoids that resemble human children, only they are fully mature, and are just a few inches tall. They have delicate wings and slightly pointed ears, and wear simple clothing.

Gorse dwell in the thorny flower bushes that are their namesake, which make a safe haven to protect them from larger creatures. Gorse keep to themselves, but sometimes deal with their fellow fey as well as centaurs, elves, and druids. Gorse speak Sylvan.

Gorse are armed with tiny weapons that do a tiny amount of damage proportionate with their size, usually minuscule swords and bows. Gorse coat the tips of their arrows with a weak poison that disorients targets. They also like to keep a collection of potions in their lair. Normal potions have enough doses for twenty gorse to feel the full effects of the potion. Gorse also have spell-like abilities which they use to defend their lair, which is forbidding enough to keep most creatures out as it is. When threatened, gorse travel deeper into their thorny homes, either to escape or just lead attackers into traps.

Gorse can use three unique cantrips, and each one is usable once per day.

  • Distract: Anyone watching the gorse turns to look at any area of the faerie’s choice within ten feet.
  • Exterminate: A gorse can kill a single creature no larger than a field-mouse.
  • Sprout: Gorse use this spell to cause thorn bushes in a one cubic yard area to add an inch of new growth.


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