The goristroi are a species of demon created by the Demon Lord Baphomet. Goristroi are outsiders native to the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. They are often employed by the strongest Demon Lords as personal bodyguards, enforcers, or shock troops.

Goistroi are a huge, hulking breed of demon. They have characteristics of both bulls and bears. They usually range around the twenty foot tall mark, but at least one is known to stand twice that height. Their heads seem to large for their bodies and have horns the point forward and down. Their long arms reach far below their double jointed knees and their clawless hands have four fingers each, with two thumbs counted on each. Their huge, six toed feet help support their massive bulk.

Their murky purple hide is thick and incredibly tough, harder than the flesh of stone giants. It is covered in shaggy hair that runs the gamut from black to brown to orange. With great difficulty, a goristo’s hide can be tanned and used for armor. In addition to the immunities shared by all demons, the also regenerate. Ultimately they are stupid creatures, however, which makes them fanatically loyal to their masters.

Few demons, other than their masters, choose to associate with goristroi since they fear enraging them. The destruction they bring to battle is awesome to behold as they bludgeon their foes to death or trample and crush them. They are just as effective against fortifications, reducing mighty castles to rubble with a few hours work.


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