gloomwing moth


Gllomwings are aerial carnivores with great speed and agility. Their larval stage is the tenebrous worm. Not as robust as their larval form, they are nonetheless deadly opponents who aggressively seek prey both on the ground and in the air.

The wings of this outsider are geometrically patterned with black and silver that will cause confusion in any intelligent being that views them. This coloration also serves as excellent camouflage which makes them difficult to spot.

Any creature smaller than a halfling will be carried off into the air to be devoured. Larger prey are attacked by hovering and slashing with its two front claws. They also release a pheromone that causes weakness in any non-insect prey.

Egg-laden females will use the corpse of a slain victim as a repository for their eggs. The eggs will hatch in twelve days sprouting four to ten tenebrous worms. Unless killed, the worms will completely devour the body.

Gloomwings are huge moths with black and silver streaked over their wings and bodies. The large fern like antennae are dusky sable tipped with white. Each of its eight legs are armed with an iridescent pearl claw. The extended mouth is equipped with a double set of ivory mandibles worth about 25 gold pieces.

gloomwing moth

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