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Campaign Session House Rules v2.0

Updated 6/28/2016

Expanded Turning Chart

During Game Activities

  • The use of laptops are strictly prohibited during the game except on a situation to situation basis where the DM gives you permission to do so for game related reasons.

  • All use of books during the game are limited to the following conditions:
    • Player Perspective Books(PHB, Complete Series): Look up something relevant to the current situation such as a specific spell description or use of a skill
    • Monster Manual: Get monster stats for Summon spells and shapechanging abilities.
    • Dungeon Master Guide: Only when given verbal permission from DM
    • All relevant DnD books: When leveling in game
      Things not allowed are other books not related to the game, looking up anything not relevant to the situation. Those topics are to be covered by the player in their own time, not during the game. When in doubt, ask for permission from the DM.

Rule Conflicts

  • If you wish to challenge a ruling on a rule, you may state a short argument no more then 1 minute. The DM will review your argument and any relevant references and make a choice on the matter. After that, you must respect the ruling. Over abuse of challenging rules will be considered disrespectful of the campaign and will not be tolerated.


  • New players and new high level characters are subject to the following limitations. Under no circumstances ever shall a player be able to start a new character above level 15. This is my absolute limit for a new character. The reasoning is that high level characters must have a well developed reputation to have that sort of power. A really powerful character does not just show up on the radar one day. First time players will be expected to learn as much of the rules as possible and will be allowed to start a character at a level based on their understanding of the game up to the current party level or 15, which ever is higher. Otherwise in general starting right at the party level up to level 10 may occur.
Party Level New Character
10-11 10
12-13 11
14-15 12
16-17 13
18-19 14
20&Up 15
  • If you choose to start a new character after having played in the current campaign (dying or being unsatisfied with current character), based on the situation you may be asked to start a level 1 character, start at half the current party level, start at one lower then the current party, or start right at the current party level. Each situation is judged by its self and the DM has final say in this matter. Where applicable, the rule on new high level characters applies. If you want to know what situation applies to you, ask. I promote good development of characters, so if you keep switching, you aren’t getting attached to your character.

  • Redesign or level balancing of characters will be allowed only in special circumstances, such as having been out of the campaign for extended periods and no longer fit in an existing group. In the circumstances where it is allowed, in general you will be asked to maintain the basic elements of that character such as level composition, as if the original character had a level of assassin, you should make sure they still have that level of assassin.

Game Rulings


  • On all attacks, saves, and skill checks, a natural 20 will count as 30 and a natural 1 will count as -10.

Natural Armor

  • Amulets of Natural Armor and the spell Barkskin provide an enhancement bonus to a creature’s existing Natural Armor which DOES stack with their existing natural armor but not any other natural armor enhancement bonus.


  • Lycanthropy can only be contracted by being bitten by a natural lycanthrope. When lycanthropy is contracted, the primary factors in determining what form that victim will assume include alignment, size, creature that spread the curse, and locale.

Knowledge: Geography

  • 5 ranks in Knowledge:Geography gives a +2 synergy bonus to Craft: Cartography

Paranostic Apostle

  • Mind Over Matter ability: Affects shield of faith and magical vestment type enchantments but doesn’t stack for improving other ones

game rules

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