Frosts are relatives of sprites and pixies that dwell in dense forests, migrating north after the winter. These small mischievous beings are also often called many other different names, including snow-faeries, snow sprites, or winter folk. These tiny elfin creatures stand about one foot tall and have whirring wings like those of bees. Their skin is usually a pale blue, though their skin is deeper blue the farther north they come from. Their hair is white or silver, their eyes are silvery blue or green, and they wear white or silvery clothing with patches of gray, black, blue, and green.

Frosts are nomadic fey, but they live tribal lifestyles in small family groups. They sometimes gather in exploratory bands to see the world, make mischief, and hunt for gems and crystals. Solitary frosts are usually the community’s leader, out on a specific mission. These sprites never stay in one place for more than a year at a time, and make their lairs in hollow trees, rocky shelters, or old animal dens.

Frosts prefer the company of other small woodland fairies, and are also known to spend time with beings such as dryads and elves. They regard halflings with curiosity, and all other beings with caution. They are constantly at war with small evil beings, such as quicklings, and even goblins. They also find themselves defending their forest homes against careless human loggers, hunters, and city-builders.

Frosts are playful pranksters, but are not as significant irritants as sprites or pixies. They like to think of clever pranks involving the cold of their environment, such as shaking snow down on burly fighters, creating patches of ice in dangerous locations, or changing the temperature abruptly to bother travelers. Frosts usually flee if attacked, but patently evil or destructive beings will raise the frosts’ ire.

Frosts only use their dagger-like weapons (hard, sharp icicles) for hunting smaller monsters and animals. When fighting larger foes, they will retreat to a safe distance to use their array or spell-like abilities. They use like to use their natural environment against their enemies, such as melting a frozen lake while evil creatures are crossing it and then refreezing it when they fall in, or causing an avalanche against a mass of foes. Frosts are nearly light as a feather, and suffer little damage when falling from a height over 10 feet, and suffer no damage if they land in a snowbank.

A frost can alter the temperature drastically, in a 10 foot radius around itself. They can alter the temperature of anything within the area by up to 100 degrees positive or negative. They can cast a variety of cold based arcane spells at will. They can also turn invisible are immune to cold, though extra sensitive to fire. Any damage they take from fire spells instantly and permanently sears off their wings.

Frosts speak Common, Sylvan, Elven, and up to three other languages of allied beings in their vicinity, though they have no interest in reading or writing.


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