Forestedge 06

These are the writings of Melvin Meadows. Tales of his life and adventure. Please return them to the Ice Meadows hall of records when you are finished reading them.

Juke 7th, 2319 HR

Well, the next morning I got up a little early and went to the gem shop. I was told the red rock was not valuable, but the shopkeeper gave me 20 gold for it anyway and I accepted.

I joined the rest of the party at Confusion, the local magic shop. They were arguing over potions. It seems Larry bought a wand of stuff. And he immediately decided to test it on Rhia. She changed into a half-orc.

Rhia dispelled the spell and seemed just about ready to kill Larry. Larry, exercising his inalienable right to be stupid, used the wand on himself. Rhia controlled her anger while Larry turned into a female elf.

So, we headed out to kill some minotaurs. That’s when things started to get weird.

Rhia saw something weird in the woods that no one else saw. She whipped out the wand the magic store owner had given her and froze. Larry leapt at the opportunity to fondle her and he froze, too. Kitara went up and disarmed her wand with his chain- and she froze.

A minotaur burst out of the woods and attacked us. Another one came out from the other side of the path, grabbed the wand, and he froze too. We fought our beast for a while and eventually won the day. Since the other minotaur was standing there, I slew it. Then kindly removed its head from its shoulders. It actually had the gall to ask me to stop- stupid monster!

Then they popped out of their dream time and had quite a tale to tell. It seems they went somewhere else, and one of the minotaurs was there. Sounds rather unlikely, but whatever. Having completed our last mission, we headed back to Forestedge. Kitara was rather quiet and timid after that- makes me nervous. I bet she’s planning something…

We arrived at Duke Stomphoof’s mansion. The guard there had some strange, ruined earring that he spoke into. Soon enough he ushered us in to the lounge with the promise of the mayor would soon join us.

The barrista, Ellie, kindly offered us our choice of libations. I accepted a Tauran Ale, according to her one of the duke’s favorites. Larry asked for her special and got a fruity concoction called a Tropical Lawnmower. They started flirting and she said she would ask the duke if he would be willing to share his bed. The duke arrived and seemed rather smitten with Larry. Gross. Just gross.

The duke claimed he got his mansion out of a box of cracker jacks he bought at the Confusion shop. I’m not sure if he was kidding or not…

Anyway, it was time to pass out the rewards. Everyone received 2000 gold. As promised, he also gave us the chest of some previous adventurers. We got 4 potions, 4 scrolls, a necklace and a longsword.

I asked the duke about the local area. He claimed to not have any maps, but did tell us that the closest town, Gongar, lay two days to the south. At my request he also authored letters of introduction for us which he sealed with a bit of wax and his signet ring.

We returned to the shops to identify and liquidate our new treasures. All turned out to be magical- the scrolls were calm animal and summon monster I, fireball, false life and fox’s cunning and minor image, and finally silent image and color spray. The necklace threw fireballs- Kitara claimed that one. Larry claimed the longsword which had a nice enchantment on it as well as the fireball scroll.

Rhia thoroughly grilled the magic shop owner about her new wand. I guess she didn’t pay attention the first time. It seems it pulls people’s souls into an alternate dimension while keeping their bodies in stasis. Weird.

Well, it’s been a long day and the bed is calling. This time we’re all sleeping in the same room in the Forest View Inn. I feel safe surrounded by my allies- what could possibly go wrong?

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Forestedge 06

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