Forestedge 05

These are the writings of Melvin Meadows. Tales of his life and adventure. Please return them to the Ice Meadows hall of records when you are finished reading them.

Juke 6th, 2319 HR II

Our greatest foe this day was a bridge. But I’ll get back to that…

We neared the twin pillars of the manticores. The only barrier left to us was a wooden bridge across a deep river.

Kitara, with her usual brazenness, rushed across the bridge. The middle of it collapsed into the river but she made it through. Then Kratos zipped across, and another part of the bridge collapsed. Finally, Larry tried to jump across- and landed dead center in the hole Kratos had made. Silly human!

Still, the silly human owed me money, so I started working on a plan to rescue him. I guess I didn’t think it all the way through, but when you’re fighting for your life, thought rarely enters the picture.

While all the bridge shenanigans were happening, one of the manticores flew over and began attacking us. I’d gotten my rope and grappling hook to attempt to bridge the gap a little better than the wooden one was doing. When the manticore dive bombed me, I use the only thing at hand and sunk the grappling hook into it. I then tied the rope, about halfway down its length, around my waist.

That vile creature kept shooting its spikes into us so I got an idea. Maybe if I pulled on the rope I could take it down. I guess it must have recognized who the real threat was and flew right at me, pushing me back over the edge. Not one to go out without a fight, I got a solid punch in. The monster went over the edge and I did too. It drowned but I managed to get to the shore. I guess Larry owed Rhia money too because she jumped in the river after him.

I managed to climb back up the cliff and made it back to the edge of the bridge. Realizing that I was still tied to the manticore, I held onto the corner post for dear life. Rhia had wisely grabbed the corpse to keep her head above water and I saw Larry go under.

Somehow, I managed to hold on when the rope went taut. Half the bridge pulled off and went into the river with me atop it. Now I had my own boat to ply the waters with!

Not wanted to lose the security of my raft, I tied the lose end of the rope to the post. Then another manticore corpse fell in the water. And some magic spell cut the rope between me and the first manticore corpse. The current kept all of us moving along.

The river soon enough with a shallow sandbar in the center of it. I tried to propel my ship to the island but failed miserably.

Larry and Rhia had made it to the island by now. I sat up and they three me a rope. I tied their rope to the piece of rope between me and the boat. It went taut and held- I tried to untie the rope from the boat but I couldn’t do it.

I’m not sure what Larry was trying to do. It kind of looked like he was going to slide down the rope between me and Rhia with his manacles, but just ended up sitting in the mud. He kept pumping his arms while sitting in the mud but nothing happened.

I untied the rope around my waist. The original knot tied to the piece of bridge choose that moment to finally gave out. The rope was pulled out of Rhia’s hands but she grabbed it again a little farther down its length.

I managed to finally pull myself to shore with the rest of my rope held tightly in my teeth. Drowning wasn’t a worry anymore, but getting back to the shore was.

Well, it was a little complicated, but I managed to swim across and up the bank. Securing the rope, and assisted by the rest of the party that had since looted the manticores’ aeries, we managed to get Larry and Rhia back with us. I even saved 90 feet of my rope! I did lose my grappling hook, however…

We decided to head back to town- but on the way we ran into the other band of centaurs. They tried to escape but the justice of Duke Stomphoof was swift and unmerciful, and we slew the entire herd.

Back to town we decided, wet and tired, that we had faced enough danger for one day. I went to one of the local taverns for ale and singing. I was joined by everyone but that stuck up snob Kitara. We all had a blast and returned to the inn late.

I decided to stay up a bit longer- everyone else went up to bed. I tried to help a passed out elf in the bar to get home. He soiled himself and puked all over the place. He gave me a strange red rock by way of apology. I went out to the water trough and cleaned up as best I could and chronicled the day. Tomorrow promises more adventure and I’ll write all about it!

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Forestedge 05

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