Forestedge 04

These are the writings of Melvin Meadows. Tales of his life and adventure. Please return them to the Ice Meadows hall of records when you are finished reading them.

Juke 6th, 2319 HR I

I’ve decided to take advantage the lull to put down a few thoughts. The day is far from gone and we’ve already accomplished to much!

This morning we were awoken by a banging on the door. The town guard told us that Larry was in jail and, if we wanted him free, we’d have to pay his fine. Since Kitara tried to kill me last night I didn’t think she’d mind me taking a couple of her potions to heal up the wounds she’d inflicted on me and the money to get Larry out of jail.

After retrieving the little lesheran human from his cage, we returned to the inn. Kitara and Charista returned. Kitara started yelling at me, saying that I owed her 200 gold and her two potions. I’m kind of worried. She seems like the kind of person that kills anyone that has something she wants and doesn’t blink an eye.

Kitara and Charista left to go to the library to research their condition. Not too long after they left the guards returned looking for them. I told them that they went to the library and went with them to gather up my comrades. Larry tagged along as well.

We found them there reading. Charista was cooperative, but Kitara decided to fight. She said again she would go to the healer, as the guards were demanding, but she would do it later. As the town had been struggling with lycanthropes lately and, as Kitara had killed one of their own the previous night, they were not taking no for an answer.

She fought bravely, I guess, but they overwhelmed her with magic. I scooped up her spiked chain and followed along. Charista did as well. Halfway there she broke free of the cleric’s spell but they subdued her again. Anyone that will fight against such odds for no reason at all is a very dangerous bovetin indeed.

Well, they arrived at the temple and both got healed of their disease. Kitara was pissed but seemed to like finally being free. I gave her her chain back. We all headed over to the duke’s house.

We reported our progress and the duke told us we were about half finished. He said to the northeast there was a rampaging ettin. To the east there was a band or two of centaurs. Farther east was the nesting ground of a pair of manticores. Finally, to the southeast was a pair of minotaurs.

He also admonished us, with admirable resolve I felt, that we should not invoke his name when we were burning down his buildings and inciting riots in public places. Ears burning, I headed out determined to impress Stomphoof.

Soon enough we faced our first foe. A two-headed beast that was snacking on sheep and wielding two huge morningstars. He seemed to have no problems hurling his meal at us. Charista went down and I bandaged her wounds then poured one of her potions down her throat. Eventually the ettin went down to the tiny hatchets of Wilek! Amazing!

We faced a half dozen centaurs soon after and dealt with them. My unerring bolts tore through one and put the foul beast down. We traveled a bit farther down the trail towards the manticores. We took a little break which gave me the chance to write these words.

Well, we’ll be tackling our next foes soon. I’ll write again tonight.

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Forestedge 04

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