Forestedge 03

These are the writings of Melvin Meadows. Tales of his life and adventure. Please return them to the Ice Meadows hall of records when you are finished reading them.

5th of Juke, 2319 HR II

I only thought yesterday was rough. The night following it…

So after I finished writing a few hours ago I decided to enjoy some of the local nightlife. I had myself a few bovetin bourbons and decided to call it a night. I headed up to our room at the Forest View Inn and nearly lost my life!

Granted, I was a little distracted. I thought for sure Kitara might be up for a little snuggling. I walked in the door to our room and was mauled by a giant tiger! I was just lucky that its first swipe knocked me back through the door- it looked like it wanted to kill me! I was still grievously wounded, but at least I survived.

That beast tore out of the room and down the stairs followed by a giant bear. Thinking back I realized that the tiger seemed to leap from Kitara’s bed and the bear from Charista’s. There was no sign of Wilek- at the time I wondered if he’d already been eaten.

I beat a hasty retreat downstairs. What happened next I witnessed in part and heard about from others. It seems the bear made it out of town without incident, but the tiger attacked and killed a guard. When reinforcements arrived, it finally fled to the woods. Then Larry happened.

I’m really not sure what he was thinking or even if he was thinking. He decided the best thing to do was set some buildings on fire. Then, as a bucket brigade formed that I was a part of, he began throwing acid on the building. Eventually, the town guard, being downright humane put him down with a sap. We managed to put the fire out, with magical assistance from Kratos, but the damage was done.

We’re all going back to bed. I’m sure a night in the slammer will do Larry some good.

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Forestedge 03

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