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These are the writings of Melvin Meadows. Tales of his life and adventure. Please return them to the Ice Meadows hall of records when you are finished reading them.

5th of Juke, 2319 HR I

Today’s been one Baator of a day! Where to begin…

I arrived in town a little later than I wanted. The duke was busy, but the guard at his door suggested I might find the band of adventurers working for him near town. If I helped them out he was fairly certain the duke would grant me a reward as well. That sounded good so I headed out of town looking for this group of slayers the guards held in fair regard.

When I found them I surveyed quite an odd sight. There were two little creatures I later learned are called kobolds. A brace of female bovetins that certainly managed to turn my head. And a strange, furless creature that looked so pitiful and weak- of course that was a human. For something so rather like a little monkey that race sure can get into a lot of trouble. And while I was standing there taking in their battle, an actual ven walked up and joined me! I’ve only seen two of them in my entire life and that was at a distance. It seems I hadn’t missed much. Anyway…

The heroes were fighting trolls. They seemed to have things well in hand so I provided them an audience. When the battle ended, me and my new ven wizard friend Rhia offered to join their merry band and were accepted.

One of the kobolds had barely begun to snack on the corpse when a guard arrived begging our help with some wild beasts. I looked around- they didn’t blink. I guess that’s how real adventurers handle themselves so I joined them. As we were passing through town my new friends needed some portable healing so we stopped at a store by the name of Toopacacery. Apparently it was an apothecary that had a good supply of potions.

It seemed normal enough while we were in there except for a few things that seemed minor at the time but later seemed more important. The first thing was the prices- I’ve bought more than my fair share of healing potions over the years and their prices were pleasantly low. The second thing was the mine cart. It seems he had a bumper crop of cure minor potions. I purchased a couple of cure lights and sixty-four cure minors.

The final thing was a strange item that the bovetin fighter, by the name of Kitara Bullrusher, purchased. Some sort of strange, golden monkey paw. No one seemed to know what it did. Some of the others picked up some potions and we headed out. I turned around to get a better look at the store- but it wasn’t there! Well, it was, but it had changed to a burned-out ruin. There was no sign of the proprietor or any of his inventory. How very, very odd…

Then my companions, since the ghost shop didn’t have enough inventory, went to the magic shop in town to stock up. The name of the shop was Confusion. I suspect its owner had long since been addled by a mis-fired spell. But I held my tongue until everyone else left and asked the shopkeep about the potion shop nearby. He said that is burned down two weeks ago. While he didn’t know where the shop owner was, he thought he made it out OK. Stranger and stranger.

The guard returned, looking even more frantic, wondering what was taking us so long. Fully equipped, we followed him on and found quite a sight. There was a giant bear eating a human. There was another human there as well.

The fighter waded in as well as the other bovetin. I wisely held back and lent the support of my crossbow. I didn’t like the look of the second human so I shot him in the back. My instincts proved correct when he turned into some sort of lycanthropic tiger monster.

We fought for a while and were eventually victorious. Kitara and Charista, the duskblade, had some bad wounds but their potions seemed to take care of everything. As the others left, the kobolds, Kratos and Wilek stayed behind.

The poor, partially eaten human was suffering so I put him out of his misery with the handy great axe the werebear had left behind in his hurry to die. Once again Kratos dined on the dead and we headed back to town.

Something very odd started happening to Larry. his face and head started melting and growing tentacles- he looked like he was not enjoying it. It seems he had been kissing some sort of fiendish winged head of some sort. I took him to the local healer and, after I loaned him the money, he got healed. 118 gold.

I’m not sure how long they had been adventuring but they seemed beat. Retiring to the inn we decided to call it a night.

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Forestedge 02

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