Forest View Inn


For most of its history, the Forest Edge Inn has been a quiet little place for the locals to have a pint and for visitors to get a good night’s sleep. The peace was forcibly shattered in Juke of 2319 HR.

The trouble began when a group of adventurers started spending their evenings in the inn. While they had the blessing of Duke Stomphoof, they caused almost as much trouble as they neutralized in and around town. According to rumor, on the night of the 4th the party showed their true colors. One of their members tried to burn and melt the town down, while two others embraced their lycanthrope forms, doing damage to the town and killing some guards.

Public records tell the rest of the story. On the 5th, the afflicted members of the party resisted arrest but were eventually subdued. Dragged to the healer, their blight was removed, but not without more damage to the city guard.

On the morning of the 8th, a decapitated bovetin by the name of Melvin Meadows, a member of the same party, was found in the adventurers room. It seems some fighting, magical and otherwise, was heard to take place just before the murder was discovered. Somehow, miraculously, the murderous Kitara Bullrusher not only was never brought to justice but not even charged! Obviously their connections to the duke ran deep…

The final straw came when the foolish adventures, on the 14th, did their best to lead a legion of hydrae back to town to destroy it. It seems once again they killed on of their own, another bovetin named Charista Moscow who was killed by the pyromaniac Larry. They got their resurrection and were finally kicked out of town. Since then things have been quiet and peace has returned to the Forest View Inn.

Forestedge, Cragon, Lesherac

Notable Patrons
Charista Moscow
Kitara Bullrusher
Melvin Meadows
Thea Cherryblossom

Forest View Inn

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