The feyr, or fihyr is a monster formed when residual magical energies combine with ordinary nightmares. A feyr resembles a large human brain with a partial layer of skin stretched over it, with many tentacles for walking and grabbing at unwary travelers. The “face” of the Feyr is a seemingly random collection of large, golden eyes and mouths filled with sharp, needle-like teeth.

Owing to their conception, feyrs are found most commonly in places where large numbers of magic-users gather, such as cities. They feed off the psychic energy of these communities, finding the taste of terror sweetest of all.

Most Feyrs do not last beyond the night of their creation, since they die instantly when exposed to sunlight, but larger versions of the creature known as great feyrs are immune to the effects of sunlight. Great feyrs still despise sunlight, though, and mainly come out at night, preferring to lay low in secluded spots during the day. It is rumored that these mighty aberrations sometimes take humans as their familiars.


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