Ferrumach are part of the alchemical sequence of metals. This variant of rilmani are based upon iron.

When the rilmani are moved to take direct action in the cause of neutrality, it’s the ferrumachs who answer the call of duty. They’re the soldiers of the Spire, the iron legions who wait to serve in battle whenever and wherever they’re needed

Ferrurnachs resemble tall, grim-faced humans. They are very powerfully muscled, with deep chests, wide shoulders, and thick arms. There’s no hint of grace, athleticism, or agility about them; ferrumachs are walking slabs of stone. Their skin is a sooty gray – the color of bare iron, with an elusive gunmetal gleam when struck by the light.

Ferrumachs wear heavy suits of dark, spiked half-plate armor. Their powerful builds allow them to wear armor of unusual strength and weight. Halberds, great axes, and heavy flails are popular among their ranks.


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