faerie fiddler


Faerie fiddlers are icons of fey society, living as individuals among other faerie communities. Fiddlers exist to protect other fey, and make the world more pleasant to them.

Faerie fiddlers resemble ancient, tiny human males in somber, archaic dress. They always carry around with them a tiny, exquisite fiddle (or similar stringed instrument). They keep in good spirits despite their serious clothing, and are amazingly spry and lively for such skinny folk. Faerie fiddlers speak Common, Elf, Gnome, and Sylvan, as well as the languages of any nearby humanoid communities.

Faerie fiddlers never start a fight, but when attacked they begin to dance and caper about. These constant movements make the fiddler very hard to hit. Fiddlers never fight with weapons, and when confronted with an opponent immune or resistant to his magic, the fiddler will flee if no other fey are in danger. Faerie fiddlers will lay down their own lives to save other fey.

Faerie fiddlers can play magical tunes on their instruments, both for enjoyment and combat purposes. Any of these effects can be resisted by those with a strong will. The tunes can be played with subtlety, such that the listener may not be aware of the sonic attack. The fiddler can play any of these songs at will, so long as there is no magical silence in the area.

  • Song One: The first song of the fiddler is a common dance melody that eliminates hunger, thirst, or fatigue for all who hear it, so long as they are dancing. If a listener is a skillful dancer, he can fight opponents in combat, while dancing.
  • Song Two: The second song of the fiddler is a defensive spell, used if the fiddler or his friends are threatened with harm. With this song, the fiddler can affect one target at a time within 30 feet with an Otto’s Irresistible Dance spell. This effect is usually used to immobilize opponents, and to cover escape from combat.
  • Song Three: The most powerful tune of the fiddler is reserved for someone who truly offends faerie sensibilities; someone who refuses to dance with them, denies the existence of faeries, or tries to cheat a faerie in some way can expect to have this song used on them. This tune can only be played once per month, and then only on the night of a full moon. This tune eliminates fatigue like the first tune, but also has an effect on the target much like an exaggerated time stop spell. For every hour the target spends dancing, a year will pass by around them, and the lack of fatigue makes the target capable of dancing for a long time. The nature of the enchantment of this tune is such that the victim will be unaware of what is really happening if they are not familiar with the effect.

Faerie Fiddlers are immune to all spells and effects of the enchantment school.

faerie fiddler

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