Douglas MacKenzie


Douglas MacKenzie

Douglas MacKenzie, or Doug to his friends, is one of the co-leaders of the Masters of the Brew monastic order. A powerful monk and a lover of alcohol on all of its forms, his expertise has contributed to the current popularity of hachae ale all across Materia.

Doug works hard each and every day at the Elsinore distillery. He worked there for years, alongside his brother Bob in relative obscurity for years until they discovered a nefarious scheme to add an enchantment to the ale that would make anyone who drank it attack everyone around them when they heard a certain tune. After exposing the culprit, they were given the most coveted positions as head beer tasters and were also offered the leadership of Masters of the Brew for demonstrated the highest ideal of the Hachae Clan.

Robert MacKenzie

Masters of the Brew – Co-Leader

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Douglas MacKenzie

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