The derro demi-god of madness, Diinkarazan is chaotic evil aligned. He is also known as the Mad God.

He is forced to spend most of his time on The Prison of the Mad God, the 586th layer of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. The plane constantly distorts space; The prison is always torn between slipping over into Carceri and slipping into Pandemonium; the balance of prison and madness keeps it in the Abyss. Cursed and banished by Ilsensine, the illithid god, he cannot be freed by anything less than a greater god, and he is permanently insane and tormented by illusions of the things he most fears (terrible monsters, Ilsensine itself, drowning in water or lava, and the like). The prison appears to be a whirling vortex of air and gas with rings of stones flying randomly about. Diinkarazan is trapped in the heart of this maelstrom on a stone throne.

Ilsensine’s curse is a complex thing, and once every 50 years or so the god experiences one day of lucidity. On this day, he can travel to the Material Plane to stalk derro communities and destroy all he can. His hunger for revenge is so great that his behavior often degenerates into a frenzy of slaying anything it comes across until he is forced to flee by some power or another.

Diinkarazan was the second derro ever created, nearly as powerful a spellcaster as his brother Diirinka. They achieved apotheosis together, and together they explored the caverns of Ilsensine for the magical lore they would need to “perfect” their race. When Diirinka betrayed him, Diinkarazan was imprisoned by the god of the illithids in the Abyss, where he thinks of nothing but vengeance, blaming the derro for his suffering.

Diinkarazan is tall and gaunt; his blankly staring face is dominated by huge red eyes with black pin-point pupils. His long streaming hair changes texture, color, and appearance randomly. He is technically still a member of the Derro Pantheon.

Classification: Demi-God
Derro Demi-God of Madness
Portfolio: Madness, Vengeance
Domains: Chaos, Dwarf, Evil, Retribution
Homeplane: Infinite Layers of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


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