The highly magic-resistant demarax looks like a gem-covered crocodile or lizard with a blunt face and three evenly-spaced yellow eyes. The residents of Tempus in the Outlands often joke about its slow, deliberate movement, referring to a lazy person as a “demarax walking uphill”. This outsider feeds only on spell crystals, the magical manifestations of summoning and contact other planes spells. Unless a person has a trapped spell crystal, the demarax almost always ignores him. Some sages think that the demarax was created by lawful deities to reduce the chaos caused by uncontrollable appearance of spell crystals. A demarax may speak a few crude phrases of Planar Common tongue, usually along the lines of “Seen crystals? Need crystal. Hungry.” They can be found in the Outlands or any law-aligned plane.

A demarax can sense a spell crystal up to 600 feet away. When it does so, it can redirect the crystal to streak towards it. If it resisted the spell, then the demarax devours it, otherwise it is summoned or contacted as contact other plane spell in place of the crystal’s true target- there is an even chance of either occurring. The demarax is too stupid to do anything except stare at its new surrounding and slowly starve to death for lack of food.

A demarax may be dumb, but it can repeat any conversation it ever had perfectly word for word, even if it had no idea what the conversation is about. Furthermore, if a demarax thinks the current conversation is unrelated to its search for food, it is likely to abandon it and resuming hunting for crystals.


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