death fiend


These strong humanoids approaches everyone with utter confidence. Their naked body lacks anything that would define it as a male or female, and its smooth and hairless skin is the color of ash. It also lacks any mouth, but its eyes glow with a bright black light.

Death fiends are the more powerful and elite of all the lesser fiends. They are utterly confident in their powers of death and destruction and they treat all other creatures (including other lesser fiends) below their status of attention. They are most often found alone due to their natural distrust of other fiends and demons, and their insane competition between each other. Death fiends occasionally surround themselves with undead since they will follow the fiends’ every command.

Death fiends are about six feet tall and weigh about 250 pounds. They are stocky and strong, and they show off their brute force whenever possible.

Death fiends cannot speak, but they can communicate with any intelligent creature in any spoken language telepathically.

death fiend

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