The darktentacles is a fell, alien creature that hunts in marshes. These amphibious predators are intelligent and cunning, never sleeping and vengeful in the extreme.

This creature’s slightly amorphous body is black and glistening with moisture. This aberration is about the size of a cow, though it can change its size, and is practically covered in tentacles. It may have as many as 50 tentacles at a time, but is only capable of maintaining 36 at the full length of 20 feet, at which length they are capable of attacking or wielding weapons. These tentacles are covered in small, shielded eyes, which provide normal sight as well as darkvision.

This monster’s mind is alien; though highly intelligent it appears to live only to eat. It tends to lurk in water, waiting for prey to come along that it may drown them. They can live in jungles, rivers, or on the banks of other shallow waters, but prefer the environment of a swamp. Sages speculate this creature may have been the ultimate result of crossbreeding between ropers and trappers, though how it gained its squid-like appearance is unknown.


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