dark naga


These snakelike creatures have a deep purple body covered in fine scales; this gives it an appearance not unlike a great eel. Its tail ends in a wicked looking barbed stinger. Its head resembles an eel’s but has a somewhat of a human visage.

Dark nagas are legendary plotters and schemers. They often form alliances with other evil creatures to more efficiently gather prey and wealth.

Dark nagas prefer to fight from elevated positions, giving them a superior view of the battlefield while staying out of their enemies reach. They can detect other’s thoughts and are themselves immune to any mind reading abilities. They cast spells like sorcerers and have venom in their stinger that can force their foes into a nightmare filled sleep.

Dark nagas speak Common and Infernal.

Dark naga are watched over by the Naga Pantheon but especially by Sess’innek.

dark naga

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