The daimyo are the most powerful feudal rulers in Keshiki second only in power to the shōgun and emperor. The term daimyo literally translates as great name in Common. The term daimyō is sometimes used to refer to leading warriors in clans, and is somewhat synonymous with warlord. It is usually from these warlords that the shōgun rises or is appointed.

The daimyo usually wore purples, ranging from dark to light depending on how high ranked they were. Dark and light purple preceded dark and light green, dark and light red, and finally black. The very highest daimyo were considered to be nobility.

Daimyo had absolute authority over their samurai. In exchange for their oath of loyalty and willingness to die for them in battle, the samurai were granted land and a stipend from their daimyo as well as his protection.

The daimyo also have absolute authority over their foot soldiers, or ashigaru.




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