Cuprilach are part of the alchemical sequence of metals. This variant of rilmani are based upon copper.

Cuprilachs are the spies, assassins, and secret soldiers of the rilmani. The argenachs act as advisers, and the ferrumachs stand bravely on the field of battle, but the cuprilachs strike from the shadows using stealth and speed to accomplish their goals. Cuprilachs believe that the only way the Balance will ever be safe is by neutralizing high-up creatures of extreme alignment. They’re easily the most dangerous rilmani, simply because they are the ones who will decide to execute a being on the spot.

Cuprilachs appear as slight and wiry humans, with the easy grace and trim build of an elf or half-elf. Their features are human enough, except for the coppery sheen of their skin and their featureless, ruby-red eyes. There are not many beings in the Outlands who’re as cocky or arrogant as a cuprilach, but their attitude stems from a professional pride – they’re some of the best assassins on the planes, and they know it.

Cuprilachs don’t fight fair. They’re killers, not warriors, and they do whatever it takes to silence the opposition quickly and efficiently. Cuprilachs’re fond of striking with two coppery magical short swords in melee combat. They also carry several magical returning shuriken.


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