Clayborn's Journal

* Please keep in mind, as reading this, this is a journal intended to capture the world as Clayborn sees it, not the player. That said, please keep in mind also that this reflects a perspective, not necessarily fact, and as such, is not open to modification by anyone without my consent.

Uni 8, 2319
It didn’t take me long to figure out that this new party of adventurers is anxious to gain power, by whatever means necessary. Already clearly a powerful force, I decided to join them in their travels back to Oasis. Clearly, it would be safer to travel with them than without. A peculiar group they were, with one throwing great orbs of lightning, another wielding a mighty sword, and yet another seeming intent upon killing anything which moved. Quite an unusual group indeed. I hesitantly look forward to joining them but it’s clear they cannot be trusted

Uni 10, 2319
After a bit of a run-in with a golem, we made it back to Oasis. I’m not quite sure I understand these people yet. It looks so far like their only interest is in acquiring power through slaying anything and everything in their path, then selling whatever they can plunder. While I have always agreed “Waste not, Want not,” allowing your greed to guide your axe has never been a policy I ascribed to.

They claim to be some sort of Protectors, only interested in maintaining the “balance” in the world. Yet, they kill freely, and thus far, have not committed any charitable deeds which I have witnessed. When they chose to insult me, just as everyone else has, I was ready to leave. How dare they? Who are they to be so mighty?? If they are the guardians of balance, who balances them? Their hearts are dark. I must be careful.

Uni ??, 2319
I had a breakthrough with my new group today. Finally, they showed a level of trust in me, a level of confidence. While I still feel a bit skeptical as to their intentions, I feel that I can trust them more now. They chose to confide to me the full purpose of their journey to the Plane of Bleak Eternity. After a bit of fun with some inky-black blobs, we jumped through he portal, only to be lost in the bleakness of the plane.

Clayborn's Journal

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