Clavidicus 107

Mezzo 16, 2316 HR

I’ve enjoyed Nadia Necrophagia’s hospitality to the hilt but it’s time to move on. She was nice enough to give me letters of introduction for several of the nobles in Glacerin she feels would be most open to my cause. I really appreciate that, just like I cannot deny the new clothes she bought me will open doors that the letters alone would not. She had the finest tailor in town put them together- the give a gentle nod to the fashion of today without losing the martial air I insisted on.

I must confess, I have grown used to having allies to watch my back. Hopefully I will find new companions in Glacerin- the kind that are willing to put their lives on the line and their steel to the test in my company.

I must be honest. I will not miss having to travel at night. They seemed to have no problems seeing, especially Allium, but most of the time I couldn’t see a thing. Allium looks so pale and almost skeletal- I hope she’s not getting sick again.

Anyway, onward to Glacerin!

Allied Humans
Allium Canadense
Lester Brightbill
Nadia Valleron

(Clavidicus the Bold)

Clavidicus’s Memoirs

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Clavidicus 107

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