Clavidicus 106

Mezzo 13, 2316 HR

The next day Nadia and I cashed in the loot. Having learned a lot, we all spent the next three days training.

We’ve talked about it and decided that it’s time to part ways. Allium and Nadia seem to share a strange bond that seems almost unnatural- I imagine they will travel together for years to come.

Now that I’ve got some funds and experience, I think my path will take me elsewhere. After all, changing Versat will not be easy but I feel I’m up for the task. I think that Nadia, and her little friend, are unwilling to get their hands dirty and shed the blood I will have to to set things right again.

Still, our friendship was forged from hardship and I’m sure I can call on them in the future if I ever need help. They’re heading to Talisman- I think Glacerin is where I’m bound. We’ll travel together for the next night but then I’ll move on.

Still, Windy Tree will always hold a special place in my heart. I saw some land near the town that is not only cheap but seems quite defensible. When I’ve the funds and followers, I will be back.

Allied Humans
Allium Canadense
Lester Brightbill
Nadia Valleron

(Clavidicus the Bold)

Clavidicus’s Memoirs

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Clavidicus 106

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