Clavidicus 105

Mezzo 9, 2316 HR

Allium did not have a good night last night. She tossed and turned, haunted by nightmares, and seemed to slip into some sort of fevered delirium. Finally, however, the fever broke and she seemed to be alright. There was a confidence in her eye that had not been there before.

While she was ailing, Nadia and I headed to the General Store to liquidate our loot. The shopkeep seemed a little suspicious, wondering where we had obtained so much treasure, but he dutifully paid us for it nonetheless. Returning the the inn we found Allium was feeling better and we all headed downstairs to have a meal.

The dwarf was still there. We ended up talking to him- anything that would wound a non-human like that I wanted to congratulate. I think I did fairly well in hiding my revulsion- even more than a regular dwarf, this one stunk- I think his wounds were rotting. He told us how he had gained his wounds.

He said there was a cave system near town that held a tribe of goblins and a tribe of kobolds that were working together to raid the nearby homesteads. He had little to give us by way of reward but assured us that they would have excess loot of which we could relieve them. That sounded good- we decided to check it out. Still, we spent the next couple of days training first, and headed out a few days following.

One minor request from Allium, however. It seems her fever had left her sensitive to light- she requested we leave around dusk when the fog would protect her from the sun’s rays. We agreed and, as the sun began to set, we headed to the caves.

After traveling down a dirt path in the woods for a little while, the path led to an open field of grass and stopped suddenly. In the other side of the field a hill rose to block the way. There were two caves in the side of the hill, about 100 feet apart from each other. I’ll give the dwarf this much- his directions were spot on.

It was quite a long battle. It seems the two caves were connected deep in the rock of the hill. Over the course of the battle we slew 8 goblins with morningstars & javelins and 12 kobolds with half spears & light crossbows. Thrown into the mix were 3 monstrous spiders and 3 dire rats. The heads of the two tribes proved more difficult then their kin- there was a kobold sorcerer named Garl leading his kind and a large bugbear named Claw standing over the goblins.

The traps were not much fun either. The arrow trap was quite painful and the pit trap was hard to get out of. Of course, by then, I was loaded down with loot and it was a devil of a time to get out of it without leaving my, I mean our, treasure behind; still, we managed.

The loot was excellent, but I ended up dragging it out it was so heavy. We found 6000 copper pieces, 1300 silver pieces, and 510 gold coins. I dragged 12 half spears, 13 light crossbows, a short spear, 9 morningstars, and several javelins out of those caves. I also found a light crossbow and a kama of unusual quality. There was a jeweled ring that looked valuable and the best prize of all, a suit of full plate armor that was just about my size.

We staggered back to town and soon enough crashed out. Tomorrow will be another glorious payday!

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Clavidicus 105

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