Clavidicus 103

Mezzo 4, 2316 HR

Today was a frustrating day. I began to wonder if the evening would ever come, but eventually it did. And so did the ball.

It seems that the nobles of Talisman are throwing a party to say goodbye to Nadia. These fools have a party at any opportunity. When I think how many weapons could be bought, and how many mercenaries could be hired, for what they spend on these parties…

Still, I did my best to blend in. The ball was held at the House Valleron estate. Lester introduced me to Nadia, the eldest daughter of House Valleron.

She seemed nice enough. Death almost seems to hang about her, though. I have no doubt that she has killed and knows how to. Now this is a woman I can work with!

She was very curious about my adventurers. I gave her the short, edited for nobles version of my life first. When she pressed me, however, I gave her a bit of the flavor of my life. She seemed intrigued and a little clingy. I thought for sure that telling her the different ways I killed my fellow miners and disposed of the bodies would horrify her, but instead she seemed to drink up every detail of the dismemberments and the torture that proceeded them. It is good to know that she has a strong stomach but she is a little creepy.

She told me she was heading south tomorrow to the village of Windy Tree and could use a strong arm to protect her. That sounds like a reasonable path to walk; I will let her join me, bright and early tomorrow morning, on this next leg of my journey.

I hope her interest in the Windy Tree graveyard has to do with pillaging the graves. What else could she want there, after all?

Allied Humans
Lester Brightbill
Nadia Valleron

(Clavidicus the Bold)

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Clavidicus 103

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