Clavidicus 102

Mezzo 3, 2316 HR

Finally, there is some sanity to be found in Talisman! I spoke to a noble by the name of Lester Brightbill. It seems that he no longer lives here, having moved his primary estate to Oasis, but was back on business when he heard about my inquiries.

He is a member of an organization called the Nyatzees with beliefs similar to my own. They seem to have the right ideas even if they fall a little short on the hard work that will need to be done, the blood that will need to be spilled, to get this country back on the proper path. I shall have to see about joining this organization- perhaps I can effect change from within and make it an effective tool and weapon for humanity.

I had originally thought of gathering wealth and eventually an army to change the world, but something he mentioned gave me another idea. It seems he was recently able to manipulate a group of adventurers from the Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis into clearing out a nearby fortress in the desert near Oasis.

Of course, the adventurers failed. Not surprising- as I understand the party was a good indication of the problems our land faces. There were lesser races in evidence there- a halfling and an elf. I would not necessarily deny them their lives as long as they served humanity’s greater good.

Worse, though, there were half breeds- a half-elf and a half-orc. Those mockeries of men deserved the blessing of death and should have been killed at birth. It is all well and good for a man to seek release with the lesser races, as long as the fruit of those unions are killed at birth.

It seems there was also a sorcerer with that group that actually chose, with the aid of magic, to bastardize his heritage and change himself partially into a dragon. At least the half breeds had no say in their existence, even if they lacked the sense to end their lives. But this creature, by the name of Drowcon I believe, to actually choose to forsake his humanity! Those are dangerous thoughts to have and set a terrible precedent for our race. He also deserves death, but not the swift and clean death his half breed allies have earned. No, his death should be slow and painful, an example of what happens when the natural order is upset to deter any who would follow his path.

What I really cannot understand is the final member of the group. A lone versaran human who was an illusionist. Its bad enough that he has embraced a traditional profession of gnomes although I’m sure he was far more skillful than any of those short folk. The worst thing was that not only did he not lead the band, but that he actually worked for the half-orc! The half-orc that thought he could be a businessman, taking the food out of humans’ mouths and bringing his savagery into the civilized confines of Oasis. That fool- a bit of re-education would help him immensely…

Still, their example got me thinking. Perhaps the stealth approach would be best. A small band of highly trained adventurers can often succeed where armies have failed. And to show the world what a pure group of humans can do. To set an example and to succeed beyond anyones wildest dreams. That will, I think, be my path.

Lester did mention a friend of his that he though I might like. Her name is Nadia Valleron and it seems she will be leaving Talisman soon. Perhaps we will travel together…

Allied Humans
Lester Brightbill

(Clavidicus the Bold)

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Clavidicus 102

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