Clavidicus 101

Mezzo 2, 2316 HR

I tire of Talisman.

I will grant you that humans certainly hold dominion over this town but no one seems willing to stand up for what’s right! It’s true what they say- the more you have the less you are willing to risk. These foppish nobles seem intent on protecting their wealth at any cost, even if it means letting their race fall from grace and allow the lesser races to rule over them.

It seems wealth has drained all the passion from their hearts. Those heavy platinum chains are holding them back. I have little more than the clothes on my back and the weapons in my hands, but I will fight back the tide of darkness. I will defend the civilization that Ivan the Conqueror carved out of these savage lands. The dreams of Lesherac and Fedonia will see fruition here among the savages.

Tomorrow I may travel on unless I can find someone in this capital of wealth and excess that sees the world as I do. Hopefully I can find sensible humans such as myself and we can begin the work that needs to be done. I can see a future, perhaps even in my lifetime, when no one remembers what a human is. When all of our women have been raped by savages, and our men are so lost that they would mate with other species…

That will not come to pass as long as I have breath in my body. I will save humanity- even if I have to do it alone!

Allied Humans
None Yet

(Clavidicus the Bold)

Clavidicus’s Memoirs
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Clavidicus 101

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