Clavidicus 099

Kren 30, 2316 HR

A band of savage came through the woods today. Luckily I heard them coming and stepped off the road. It makes my blood boil to see such beasts rampaging unchallenged through human lands. Still, if I fell against the dozen orcs who would carry the torch of freedom for this land?

It tasted of ashes but I held myself back.

I promised my pickaxe that it would soon taste orc blood. At first it did not understand, but I kept whispering to it and soothing it and finally it fell asleep. The one thing I could always trust, my only friends that did not betray me, were my tools and weapons. I only hope to return the favor soon, sheathing them all in the brains and entrails of my sub-human foes.

Allied Humans
None Yet

(Clavidicus the Bold)

Clavidicus’s Memoirs
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Clavidicus 099

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