Clan Minemelter


The Minemelter Clan is one of the clans that historically operated out of the Limestone Citadel. Only a shadow of their strength remains there now perusing their clan’s interests and keeping ties strong with their brethren.They have always been famous for their fine steel- some say their are named after their demonically hot bloomeries.

Clan Minemelter moved to the island of Amawa in 2280 HR to investigate the source of keshiki steel that some claimed (but never to their face) was better than dwarven steel. These doughy hill dwarves, like most of their race, did not share a fondness for any kind of giant. The mere possibility that lowly fire giants might be creating fine steel set their blood boiling.

The clan realized that their presence would probably not be welcomed. After all, the trade agreement hashed out by Amawa government has been very profitable for the island. Still, traveling in small groups, a dedicated group of Clan Minemelter’s finest from Limestone in the Dwarflands headed to Bichi. While many of them have taken up various jobs around the town, hidden in plain sight I this thriving metropolis, their heart is for their clan and they have begun secretly excavating a mine system/clan hall near Mt. Fuego called Gabilgathol.

Some members of the clan feel access to the molten ores within the mountain will allow them to match and exceed the quality of keshiki steel. Other members are curious about the techniques the fire giants are using and pay well for information about the secretive giant clans. Finally, a minority feels that the fire giants should be taken down a peg or two- if not thrown into the volcano directly. Their desires are more violent and they chafe under the limitations of their ‘secret war’ against their hated foes.

Associated People
=Current Clan Head=
Yaviren Minemelter

=Notable Members=
Arnyss Azuresteel
Cormac Minemelter
Tharr Minemelter

=Fellow Dwarven Clans=
Clan Deepdelver
Clan Hachae
Clan Rostenoc
Clan Rubybraid
Clan Stoutbeard

Clan Minemelter

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