Clan Deepdelver


The Deepdelver Clan is one of the clans that historically operated out of the Limestone Citadel and is one of the ten clans that originally allied themselves with each other to build the Limestone Citadel, forming the Ruling Council of Limestone. Their clan also formed the heart and soul of the Deep Delving Brigade for which they still supply the majority of troops. While they do maintain an estate in the Noble District, the majority of their members live deep beneath the comforting bulk of the Blitzkreig Mountains.

Their primary focus is protecting the dwarven nation from the threats below- from the shallowest caves to the deepest Underdark- and all points in between. Often they provide the guards for both the exploratory expeditions as well as the mining teams in established routes and locations.

Associated People
=Notable Members=
Bardibelyn Rubybraid
Throzem Deepdelver
Tordek Ungart Deepdelver

=Fellow Dwarven Clans=
Clan Hachae
Clan Minemelter
Clan Rostenoc
Clan Stoutbeard
Clan Rubybraid

Clan Deepdelver

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