City of Limestone


Limestone is the capital city of the Dwarflands. This dwarven citadel was carved out of the limstone cliff face by harder miners between 279 HR and 319 HR and is the finest example of above-ground dwarven engineering on the entire continent. The most amazing thing is that external edifice is but a fraction of the facility, which is mostly located within the mountain or under the ground.

If there had not been precious ores to mine there the facility would never had been built. Still, with the ore came traders from all over Versat and their shanty town gradually formed an urban sprawl which radiated out from the citadel.

After this shanty town was attacked and partially burned by orcish raiders in 450 HR, the dwarves set about building a heavy defensive wall around the town which was completed in 468 HR. A thousand years later or so the city had grown far beyond the original walls so the industrious dwarves, seeing the advantage to having two walls between themselves and invaders, built a second wall twice as far out from the citadel which they completed in .

Towards the end of the 23rd century the city began to spread beyond that second wall as well. The dwarves threw up their hands and gave over the staffing of the outer wall, and any building of a third wall, to the non-dwarf squatters outside of their citadel. The humans, halflings, and handful of elves who lived above ground in the sprawl constructed a third outer palisade of sharpened logs from the Dwarven Forests. They strengthened the line with forts every quarter mile far beyond what was the cities then sprawl circumference. The dwarves occasionally sneered at the ‘toothpick’ wall but respected their guests’ ingenuity in building it and dedication to staffing it.

=Recent Events=
Limestone was attacked by goblin forces on Juke 30th, 2319 HR at the beginning of the Wildland Invasion War. The defenses of Limestone were able to fend off that attack but it is notable that the attack was coordinated with attacks on other dwarven and elven settlements that day.

Metropolis (Population: 26,993)

Dwarflands surrounded by the Blitzkreig Mountains.

=Departing Roads=
Northwest (4 1/2 days) – Lancast
West (2 days) – Dremdesh

Districts and Shops
=Merchant District=

===Halfling District===

=Noble District=
Clan Stoutbeard keeps an estate here primarily to communicate with their halfling caravan masters.
Clan Rostenoc maintains an estate here to recruit new Paladins into their ranks.
Clan Minemelter maintains an estate here but the majority of its members are in Amawa now.
Clan Deepdelver has their ancestral home here though most members prefer to live far beneath the Blitzkreig Mountains.

=Mercenary District=

=Commoner District=
Bargain Blacksmith – Gimpy McPherson

=Temple District=
Aboveground Cathedral of Saint Cuthbert.

Associated People
The birthplace of Tordek Ungart Deepdelver
The birthplace of Rockheart Stoutbeard
The birthplace of Throzem Deepdelver
The birthplace of Rostenoc the Pious
The birthplace of Tordek Deepdelver
The birthplace of Rathuen Rostenoc
The birthplace of Dreff Stoutbeard

Interesting Places
Underground cathedral of Moradin.
Corporate Headquarters of the Blitzkreig Mines.

City of Limestone

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